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POPULAR SITES Maps Interactive

  • MapQuest
    MapQuest provides interactive maps and driving directions for cities and towns worldwide. Also provides road trip planner, addresses, and phone number finder.
  • Google Earth
    Google Earth shows 3D overviews of major cities, mountains, and other terrain, as well as driving directions and maps. Also includes Sky, which allows users to view stars and galaxies.
  • Google Maps
    Online map service and location finder. Features dynamic, draggable maps, as well as satellite imagery by region.
  • Yahoo! Maps
    Yahoo! Maps features online mapping, driving directions, and traffic. Get interactive city maps with point-to-point directions and traffic updates. Explore city guides with the Yahoo! Maps exclusive SmartView display of nearby restaurants, shopping, ATMs, and other local features.
    Offers online mapping services. Search for addresses, get travel directions, view aerial photos, or link to local information.
  • ViaMichelin
    Offers information on the Michelin maps, Red and Green Guides, and panEuropean route planning with hotels, driving directions, restaurants, and camping sites.
  • Maporama
    Provides maps, itineraries, and weather information.
  • Map24
    Java maps and driving directions for the USA, Canada, and Europe.
  • Maps On Us
    Provides customized maps and directions integrated with nationwide yellow pages to make route planning easy.
  • TopoZone
    View topographical and city maps of any place in the United States at different zoom levels and sizes.
  • Expedia Maps
    Find addresses, businesses, and places, and get driving directions from Expedia. Features detailed maps of North America and Europe.
  • MSN MapPoint
    MSN MapPoint offers maps and driving directions for a number of countries. Also including traffic maps.
  • National Atlas of the United States of America
    Design and explore interactive multimedia maps of the country's natural and socio-cultural landscapes. From the U.S. Geological Survey and its partners.
  • U.S. Census Bureau TIGER Mapping Service
    High-quality, detailed maps of anywhere in the United States, with multiple layers and elective marker placement.
  • Worldtime
    Information on local time and sunrise and sunset times in several hundred cities, and a database of public holidays worldwide.
  • Pickatrail
    Offers a variety of U.K. and U.S. trail maps. Also includes trail-side directional photos, GPS waypoints, information, and more.
  • Mappr
    Interactive environment for exploring places, by adding geographical information to the photographs found on Flickr.
  • Wayfaring
    Map site allows users to post and share favorite locations.
    Independent source of hotel, motel, and resort reviews from travelers. Users can also post travel journals and photos.
  • Placeopedia
    Online application allowing you to connect Wikipedia articles with places, and then use the geographic database to browse or syndicate articles by the locations they describe.

POPULAR SITES Encyclopedias

  • Wikipedia
    Wikipedia is a free, open content, community-built encyclopedia with thousands of articles on topics from A to Z. Available in dozens of languages.
  • Encyclopedia Britannica
    Official site of the Encyclopedia Britannica, one of the world's best-known reference books. Find short encyclopedia entries and definitions, or register for complete access.
  • Wikipedia in English
    English-language version of Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia built and edited by users. Find encyclopedia entries on almost any topic, or click for a random Wikipedia article.
    Find encyclopedia entries from the Columbia Encyclopedia, with links to newspaper and magazine articles, pictures, and maps. From Highbeam Research.
  • Infoplease
    Online encyclopedia entries, dictionary definitions, and thesaurus help from Infoplease, covering topics from astrophysics to Zimbabwe.
    Get answers from a variety of encyclopedias, dictionaries, glossaries, and atlases with, an online reference source.
  • Encarta
    Online encyclopedia, dictionary, atlas, and other reference tools from MSN Encarta. Find encyclopedia entries, dictionary definitions, and homework help.
  • 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica
    Searchable online version of the 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica, containing 29 volumes and articles written by more than 1500 authors on topics from A to Z.
  • Everything2
    User-created encyclopedia, web directory, and knowledge web. Everything2 offers definitions, articles, and writeups by readers about anything and everything.
  • EncycloZine
    Online store and encyclopedia. FInd information and products on topics like art, technology, history, science, sports, and space.
  • Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition
    Online version of the Columbia Encyclopedia, including thousands of searchable encyclopedia entries and topics.
  • Citizendium
    Project to create a user-created encyclopedia that aims to improve on the Wikipedia model by adding 'gentle expert oversight' and requiring contributors to use their real names.
  • Article Insider
    Community where real-life specialists share their knowledge about a wide variety of popular topics.
  • Probert Encyclopaedia
    Online encyclopedia specializing in short, inter-linked articles about anything from famous actors to "psychological phobias.
  • Rudiments of Wisdom Encyclopaedia
    Cartoon, with A to Z drawings by Tim Hunkin illustrating topics like animals, geography, science, and history.
  • Project Galactic Guide
    Spoof encyclopedia meant to guide and misguide its readers in matters of life, death, and finding a parking space anywhere in the Universe, in the style of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
  • Yahoo! Reference
    Find an online encyclopedia, quotations, and other fact-finding tools at Yahoo! Reference. Search for dictionary definitions, spelling help, thesaurus synonyms, maps, flags, and other answers.
  • BambooWeb Dictionary
    Online dictionary and encyclopedia providing articles and information on a wide variety of topics. Browse encyclopedia entries by subject, or search for information by key words.
  • Fixed Reference: Snapshots of Wikipedia
    Offers periodic fixed snapshot copies of Wikipedia, the collective online encyclopedia, allowing safe reference and linking without talk pages.
  • Freebase
    An open, shared database of the world's knowledge.

POPULAR SITES Dictionaries

  • Merriam-Webster Dictionary
    Free online version of the Merriam-Webster English dictionary, with searchable dictionary definitions, thesaurus, and a student dictionary for kids. Also offers online subscription versions of Merriam-Webster's collegiate dictionary and the Encyclopedia Britannica.
  • OneLook Dictionaries
    Dictionary search service that offers definitions from a variety of online English and foreign language dictionaries. Find the definition of a term, see terms that correspond to definition key words, or search for the correct spelling of a word.
  • YourDictionary
    Directory of online English dictionaries and thesauruses, translation dictionaries of 150 different languages, grammar help for 70 languages, and pages of linguistic fun.
    Free online English dictionary site, offering word definitions, synonyms, word of the day emails, and writing resources.
  • Free Dictionary, The
    Free online dictionary search, offering English, medical, legal, and computer dictionaries as well as a thesaurus, encyclopedia, and literature reference library.
  • Cambridge International Dictionaries
    Search Cambridge's free online dictionaries of English, English for students, French, Spanish, phrasal verbs, or idioms.
    Searchable online version of the Compact Oxford English Dictionary, as well as thesauri, quotations, foreign language dictionaries, a word of the day, and games.
    Dictionary search site that draws on dictionaries and reference sources including Webster's, Jargon File, translation dictionaries, and Roget's Thesaurus. Created as part of an experiment to create a data exchange protocol for dictionary information.
  • Merriam-Webster's Word Central
    Offers kids a student dictionary, Word of the Day, and interactive word games. Includes homework help and lesson plans for parents and teachers.
    Online English dictionary with multi-lingual translations to or from Dutch, French, German, Italian, or Spanish. Includes crossword puzzle solver features, creative writing tips, and slang words.
  • Wordsmyth Dictionary-Thesaurus
    Online dictionary, thesaurus, and other American English resources for students and the general public. Find word definitions, spellings, and synonyms, or try tools like the Wordsmyth glossary maker or anagram solver.
  • HyperDictionary
    Online dictionary featuring links to explanations of difficult terms within a given word's definition. Includes computer, dream, and medical dictionaries.
  • VoyCabulary
    Turns the words on a webpage into links to their dictionary definitions, so you can look them up with a single click. Includes thesauri and foreign language dictionaries.
  • Newbury House Dictionary of American English
    Free online version of the Newbury House Dictionary of American English, with simple definitions for students and English learners.
  • CoolDictionary.Com: Audible Webster Dictionary
    Online version of Webster's American Dictionary, with audio clips of the correct pronunciation of words and quotes.
  • Encarta World English Dictionary
    Online English dictionary and thesaurus, featuring audio clips of words pronounced, as well as a word of the day.
  • Word Assault
    Searches multiple English dictionaries for words and phrases. Includes thesaurus, place names, computing terms, a Bible dictionary, and the CIA World Factbook.
  • Visual Dictionary, The
    See definitions for terms from biology, anatomy, and music with the InfoVisual visual dictionary. Browse by topics and thumbnails, or search for a word or phrase.
  • OneLook Reverse Dictionary
    Reverse dictionary lets you enter a concept to see matching words and phrases, for those times when you remember the definition but not the word.
    Reference resource that includes an encyclopedia, dictionary, almanac, thesaurus, and dream interpretation database as well as a general search engine.

POPULAR SITES Regional Web Directories

Thursday, May 29, 2008

POPULAR SITES Satellite Television

  • Duna Television
    Broadcast via satellite into many countries. In Hungarian.
    Research and reporting for the home satellite industry.
  • Wild Feed TV
    View candid backhaul feeds and raw satellite transmissions used by TV stations to send live sound and video from one location to another, and see a side of TV you've probably never seen before.
  • Satellite Business News
    Provides industry coverage.
  • Better Satellite
    News for Europe with Sky Digital information and LNB, dish and receiver test reports.
    Satellite search engine providing worldwide satellite data including broadcast, company, manufacturer, product, location, feed information, and more.
  • Satellite Home Viewer Resource Center
    SHVA summary, legislation and proposed legislation.
  • Dish or Direct
    Compares the programming and equipment used with DirecTV or Dish Network satellite television systems.
  • Satellite TVs Guide
    Offers information about satellite TV providers, available channels, and satellite TV technology.
  • Satellite TV Hardware
    Provides information on dishes, receivers, and related components.
  • Svenska WWW sida
    Information about MS-DOS Videocrypt smart card emulator. Season. and more.
  • Robert's Satellite TV Page
    Includes a FAQ on satellite TV, how broadcasts work, and what kind of equipment is needed to receive signals. Includes a section on intercepting raw transmissions, or backhaul feeds.
  • Donald's Big Dish Corner
    Information source for both satellite industry professionals and enthusiasts.
  • Essentix
    Satellite TV Week, OnSat, ORBIT, Choice, Direct, TV Plus.
  • Satellite Tv on PC Reviews
    Contains reviews of various satellite TV on PC software titles. Also includes numerous satellite TV articles.

Friday, May 2, 2008


  • Fuel Economy Site
    Includes information on fuel economy for cars and trucks, and tips on how to optimize mileage. From the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Auto Channel, The
    With racing, consumer information magazines, chat, and more.
  • Yahoo! Autos
    Comprehensive resource to buy, sell, and research new and used cars. See new car prices, pictures, specs, reviews, and more. Compare cars, and search used car listings near you.
  • Inner Learning On-line
    Fun, interactive, and educational views of the human body and autmobiles.
  • Supercars: Past and Present
    The world's most exotic, rare, and fast autmobiles. Sports car galleries, wallpapers, and forums.
  • Jalopnik
    Showcasing new designs and technologies in the atomotive industry as well as the gadgets and accessories that enhance the driving experience.
  • MSN Autos
    Includes tips, news, articles, and information on finance, insurance, warranty, and more.
    Includes pictures, discussion groups, and classifieds.
    Offers photos and specifications for many performance cars.
    Includes picture gallery of sports cars, wallpapers, technical specs, and car tuning and styling information.
  • Ultimate Car Page
    Showcases classic and modern cars with picturs, spec, user comments, and more.
    Includes a gallery of pictures, make and model information, specifications, and wallpapers of fast and exotic sports cars.
    Features photos of BMWs, Corvettes, Dodge Vipers, Feraris, Lamborginis, Porches, and other exotic cars.
  • WebCars!
    Features a comprehensive guide to car detailing, as well as sections on individual classic and contemporary models.
  • Car Care Council
    Provides information to vehicle owners about the importance of preventive maintenance and repairs.
    Offers aftermarket window tinting information and message boards, helpful to the consumer and tinter alike.
    Large database of car pictures and wallpapers sorted by make, year, and model. Find classic and current car pictures.
    News about the newest car innovations, plus links to more in-depth information.
  • Sports Cars and Exotic Cars
    Wallpapers, pictures, and specs for many rare, exotic and unusual sports cars.


  • The New York Times
    Official site of The New York Times provides national and wold news as well as the latest on sports, technology, health, and science. Some registration required.
  • USA Today
    Daily print and online news from USA Today, covering world news, sports, finance, and technology.
  • Washington Post
    News, sports, opinion, and more for the nation, world, and Washinton area.
  • Wall Street Journal
    Covers international business and finance news. Paid subscription required for some content.
  • Los Angeles Times
    Online edition of the Los Angles Times, offering daily local, state, national, and world news, as well as sports, entertainment, business, and travel coverage. Also includes L.A. jobs, real estate, cars, and shopping.
  • Financial Times
    Provides analysis of financial markets, industries, and companies.
  • Chicago Tribune
    Source for classifieds and local, state, and national news based out of the Chicago metropolitan area.
  • International Herald Tribune
    International newspaper for opinion leaders and decision makers around the world.
  • Christian Science Monitor
    Daly international and U.S. news and feature articles.
  • San Francisco Chronicle
    Bay Area, California, national, and international news, classifieds, guide to the San Francisco Bay Area's entertainment and attractions, and more.
  • Dallas Morning News
    Features daily local news, classifieds, business, and sports coverage for the Dallas-Fort Worth area.
  • Houston Chronicle
    The Houston Chronicle brings you daily news, weather, sports, comics, and classified ads for the Houston, Texas area. In English and Spanish.
  • Newsday
    Newspaper for the New Yok City metro area, including business, sports, travel, and entertainment news. Newsday provides local New York classifieds and real estate listings.
  • New York Post
    Local news, opinion, gossip, sports, and more.
  • Minneapolis Star Tribune
    Daily news source for the Twin Cities.
  • Detroit Free Press
    Provides breaking news, sports, entertainment, opinion, and business coverage.
  • Denver Post
    Denver Post covers local, national, and world news as well as sports, features, and opinion.
  • New York Daily News
    Offers local, sports, busines, and entertainment news and opinion.
  • Chicago Sun-Times
    Online edition of the Cicago Sun-Times brings you daily news, sports, classifieds, business, and entertainment coverage. Find out what's happening in Chicago and all over Illinois.
  • Investors Business Daily
    Reports on business news and its potential impact on investors.

POPULAR SITES Holidays Seasonal Recipes

  • Holiday Zone, The
    Features online holiday resources such as learning games, craft projects, songs, and coloring pages. Browse holidays from New Year's Day to Chrismas, including Valentine's, Easter, and the Fourth of July.
  • System Administrator Appreciation Day
    Yearly holiday honoring system administrators or sysadmins, those responsible for maintaining multi-user computer, telephone, or voicemail systems. Celebrated annually on the last Friday of July.
  • Billy Bear's on Holidy
    Offering holiday-themed online games, coloring pages, craft ideas, and eCards for kids. Find activities and materials for New Year's, Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and other holidays.
  • Web Holidays
    Find information about popular, state, religious, and other holidays from around the globe. Browse resources for holidays including Chritmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, and Chinese New Year. Offers holiday crafts, activities, recipes, and images.
  • Holiday Spot, The
    Find links and information about holidays around the world. Features history facts, greeting cards, holiday wallpapes, recipes, jokes, games, and crafts.
  • Intergeneration Day
    Learn about Intergeneration Day, held annually on the first Sunday in October to celebrate connections between people of all age groups. Covers the efforts to make the day a natinal holiday, and current thoughts on intergenerational issues.
  • Sadie Hawkins Day
    A short history of Sadie Hawkins day, the mid-20th century ritual inspired by Al Capp's "Li'l Abner" comic strip. Learn how Sadie Hawkins' legacy allowed 1940s and 1950s women to ask men on a date instead of vice versa -- if only once a year.
  • Family Day - A Day to Eat Dinner with Your Children
    A national initiative to remind parents that what your kids really want at the dinner table is you.
  • International Firefighters' Day
    Find out about Internatinal Firefighter's Day, held on 4th May to honor the contributions and sacrifices made by firefighters worldwide. Includes a calendar of IFD events, firefighter stories and poems, and a guest forum.
  • Holocaust Memorial Day UK
    Learn about Holocaust Memoral Day in the U.K., held annually on January 27th to commemorate victims of Nazi persecution. Find community events, lesson plans, and other educational resources.
  • Kids Domain Holidays
    Find holiday and seasonal fun for kids. Includes games, crafts, recipes, and gift ideas for holidays such as Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, Halloween, and New Yeas.
  • National Iguana Awareness Day (NAID)
    Observed on the second Saturday in September, National Iguana Awareness Day aims to put a stop to impulse iguana buying and to see iguanas in captivity get better care. Includes iguana facts and event information.
  • World Hello Day
    Held annually on November 21, World Hello Day celebrates the importance of personal communication for preserving peace. Participate by greeting ten people, sending a message to world leaders that communication settles conflicts better than force.
  • National Day of Reason
    Learn about the National Day of Reason, held the first Thursday in May as a companion to the National Day of Prayer. Intended to celebrate reason and to raise awareness of government-sanctioned sectarianism.
  • World Book Encyclopedia: Holidays Around the World
    Learn about the history of winter holiday season worldwide, from Christmas and Hanukkah to Our Lady of Guadalupe Day in Mexico and Guy Fawkes Day in the U.K. From World Book Encyclopedia.
  • BlackDog Loves Holidays
    Find holiday games, puzzles, screen savers, and more for kids of all ages. Includes activities and resources for Christmas, Chanukah, Thanksgiving, Mother's Day, and Father's Day.
  • National Blonde Day
    Official site of National Blonde Day, held on June 30th, encouraging blondes and blondeness across America. Sponsored by the Blonde Legal Defense Fund, aiming to dispel stereotypes about blondes.
    • RJL Software: Entertainment Software
      Downloadable shareware programs good for playing pranks on unsuspecting computer users, including April Fools' Day tricks.
    • 123IndependenceDay
      Learn about Indian Independence Day, celebrating India's liberation from Britain on August 15th, 1947. Features historical events and celebrations in several countries including India and USA.
      Offers holiday recipes, family activities, and gift ideas using Nestle candies. Includes suggestions for Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Birthday, Valentine's Day, and summer.
    • Saint Joseph's Day - La Festa di San Guiseppe
      Describes the customs, recipes, and traditions of La Festa di San Guiseppe, the holiday dedicated to St. Joseph, celebrated by Italians and Italian-Americans on March 19th. Includes information about St. Joseph's Day events in New York City.
    • UNESCO: International Mother Language Day
      The 30th session of the General Conference of UNESCO in 1999 decided to launch and observe an International Mother Language Day on 21 February every year throughout the world. Find out how linguistic diversity will strengthen the unity of societies.
    • Peace Corps Week
      Weekly commemoration of the work done by Peace Corps volunteers around the world. With event information and registration information for former volunteers Held yearly around March 1, the anniversary of the organization.
    • Festivals, People, and Cultures
      Provides information and photos of Chinese New Year's Day and Japanese holiday festivals. Also covers carnivals and New Year's Day celebrations from around the world.
    • Constitution Day
      Find facts and lesson plans about Constitution Day, the Amercan holiday commemorating the signing of the United States Constitution. Observed on September 17th.
    • World Population Day
      Find out about World Population Day, a world-wide event raising awareness of global population and overpopulation issues. Held annually on July 11. From the United Nations Population Fund.
    • National Hugging Day
      Find out about National Hugging Day, the January 21st holiday dedicated to giving hugs from your heart. Includes suggestions for celebrating the day in your community, as well as a list of most huggable people.
    • Festive Fever
      Calender of festivals featuring the customs, traditions, legends, and significance of different holidays by month. Also includes graphics, eCards, chat rooms, and community forums.
    • International Mother Language Day
      Explores the background and adoption of the resolution by UNESCO to observe 21st February every year as International Mother Language Day.
    • Medieval Holidays
      Lists holiday that were celebrated during medieval times on the Julian Calendar, with dates and a brief description of each holiday.
    • Holidays at Twilight Bridge
      Find images and ideas to help you celebrate holidays from around the world, including New Year's Christmas, Hanukkah, Purim, and Ramadan. Features recipes, jokes, poems, quotes, songs, crafts, and greetings.
    • National Public Science Day 1999: Our Changing Earth
      1-day celebration dedicated to learning about the changing planet. During the '98-'99 school year, teams across the U.S. investigated earth science topics in their communities, and showcased the results on January 21, 1999.
    • History of Holidays
      Directory of online resources about the history of holidays around the world, including Valentine's Day, Halloween, Christmas, and Thanksgiving.
    • Inti Raymi '98
      Facts about Inti Raymi, the most important holiday of the ancient Inca empire, celebrated June 24. With photos and history of the solstice festival, which marked the beginning of the Incan New Year.
    • John Muir Day
      Learn about John Muir Day, the U.S. holiday celebrated yearly on April 21st to honor naturalist and explorer John Muir. Includes links to lesson plans, news articles, and biographical facts about Muir.
    • Kidswork
      Holiday and seasonal illustrations and drawings by Florda elementary students. Browse art for each occasion, and see facts and stories about holidays and their traditions.
    • FamilyFun Holidays
      Online guide to holiday crafts, recipes, parties, and games throughout the year.
      • Razzle Dazzle Recipes
        Recipes for holidays and special occasions.
      • Allrecipes: Holidays and Events Recipes
        Find holiday recipes for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and other holidays and events.
      • Bonfire Night Recipes
        Tasty ways to celebrate Guy Fawkes Day from Hookery Cookery. Includes recipes for traditional favorites like burgers, toffee apples, parkin cake, baked potatoes, and more.
      • Food Network: Entertaining
        Food Network's recipes and inspiration for holidays, parties, and gatherings.
        Contains a wide range of recipes and menu ideas for holidays and special occasions.
      • Bawarchi - Makar Sankranti Recipe
        Includes recipe of Til Polis.
      • Holiday Cookie Recipes
        Presents a wide variety of holiday-themed cookie recipes, including Christmas, Easter, Valetine's Day, and Halloween.
      • Epicurious: Holidays
        Includes menus, recipes, and cooking tips for holiday and seasonal cooking.
      • Cookbook Recipes
        For the eight Pagan sabbats and the full moon.
      • Lunch Lessons Back to School
        Features inventive lunchbox menus with sandwich and cookie recipes.
      • Eating Ummah-Mix this Eid-ul-Adha
        Offers a menu including dishes from around the Muslim world.
      • Readers Memorable Holiday Meals
        Menu ideas with recipes for Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa dinners as well as for cocktail and caroling parties.
      • Year in Entertaining, A
        Includes menus and ideas for holidays and occasions including Mardi Gras, Cinco de Mayo, Bastille Day and Oktoberfest.
      • Allrecipes: Holiday Baking: Bake and Freeze
        Holiday baking recipes for cranberry and eggnog quick breads, yeast breads like Christmas stollen, cookies, and pies. Also includes freezing tips.
      • Whole Foods Market: Your Personal Guide to the Holidays
        Gude to holiday entertaining that offers cooking tips and how-tos, wine suggestions, and holiday recipes.
      • Hershey's Holiday Recipes
        Provides a variety holiday dessert recpes for chocolate lovers.
      • Holiday Recipes
        Martha Stewart offers her holiday cooking recipes, including party ideas, practical planning tips, desserts, appetizers and hors d'ouevres, holiday baking, and cookies for birtdays, New Year, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Easter.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


    Official site of the National Basketball Association. Offers news, scores, schedules, and more.
    Official site of the National Football League (NFL). Includes league news, scores, stats, standings, fantasy football, injury reports, team rosters, and schedules. Also includes updates for the NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl.
    Official site of NASCAR. Offers news, statistics, results, screen savers, and more.
  • UEFA (Union of European Football Associations)
    Official site of the governing body of football on the continent of Europe, UEFA. Includes UEFA Cup, Champions League, and Euro tournament information, recent news, feature stories, media, team information, and a magazine.
  • ESPN
    Read the latest ESPN coverage, scores, and news headlines for all professional and college sports. Includes fantasy leagues, games, and chat rooms.
  • Major League Baseball (MLB)
    Official site for Major League Baseball in the U.S. and Canada. Features links to each of the MLB teams, as well as baseball season stats, news, game schedules, video highlights, and online broadcasts.
  • Deutscher Fussball Bund
    Official site for the governing body of German football. Includes news, match schedule, tournaments, Bundesliga, and team info. In German and English.
    Up-to-the minute, comprehensive sports coverage. Includes news, scores, commentary, chats, and more from CNN and Sports Illustrated.
    Official Formula 1 site. Includes live race coverage, news, photos, results, and a countdown to the next event in grand prix racing.
  • Yahoo! Sports
    Yahoo! Sports is your portal to scores, news, standings, stats, schedules, and fantasy sports, with coverage and analysis for the NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA, NHL, soccer, golf, tennis, and NASCAR.
    Sports weekly covering college and pro football, baseball, hockey, and college and pro basketball.
    Current soccer scores and news links.
  • Hattrick
    Online soccer game where you trade players and coach your team in competition with opponents from all over the world.
  • Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA)
    Official site for the worldwide governing body of motor sport. Includes a sporting calendar, championship classifications, technical and sporting regulations, and more. Also in French.

    • Running Movies [pick] [read review]
      Film information from seven categories of running. Browse by title, availability, reviews, or year.
      Provides information on features, made-for-TV movies, films with golf scenes, and more.
    • Gallery of Surf Classics
      Surf movie posters and lobby cards from the '60s.
    • Page 2: Top 20 Sports Movies of All-Time
      Includes highlights, lowlights, and commentary from the Page 2 columnists and editors.
      Dedicated to news, releases, ratings, and information about sports movies.
    • All-Time Movie Listings
      Organized into specific groups including baseball, football, hockey, boxing, and auto racing.
    • Sport Psychology Movie Database (SPMD)
      A database of movies that depict sport psychology themes. Browse by sport, theme, or title.
    • Movies about Sports
      Offers personal reviews and rankings.
  • ESPN Soccernet
    World soccer coverage from ESPN, including Premiership, Serie A, La Liga, and Major League Soccer. Get news headlines, live scores, stats, and tournament information.

News and Media POPULAR SITES

News and Media

  • WordPress
    Semantic personal publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability.
  • Blogger
    Blogger hosts and publishes blogs for free. Create your own blog, or explore a new or notable blog. Also offers image hosting, blog updates from your mobile phone, and making blog posts from Microsoft Word.
  • CNN
    Latest headlines from CNN, the Cable News Network, including World, U.S., politics, business, entertainment, science, weather, and sports news.
  • New York Times, The
    Official site of The New York Times provides national and world news as well as the latest on sports, technology, health, and science. Some registration required.
  • Weather Channel, The
    Check The Weather Channel for the latest U.S. weather news, conditions, and forecasts for locations worldwide. Includes storm impact updates, live conditions, and severe weather outlook.
  • USA Today
    Daily print and online news from USA Today, covering world news, sports, finance, and technology.
  • Washington Post
    News, sports, opinion, and more for the nation, world, and Washington area.
  • BBC News
    BBC News world and regional coverage, including business, health, sports, and weather. Also includes audio and video from the BBC World Service, e-mail alerts, and news for your mobile news for your phone or PDA.
  • Google News
    Presents information culled from news sources worldwide and arranged automatically. Searchable by keyword or phrase.
  • Movable Type
    Offering personal publishing software for the blog generation.
  • BBC Online
    Online home of the BBC, with extensive resource featuring links to all the network's interactive and community services, including entertainment, education, news, and sport.
  • YouTube
    Upload, tag, and share your videos worldwide on YouTube, and watch other user-submitted videos sorted by most recent, viewed, and discussed, as well as top favorites and top rated.
  • Fox News
    Online news and headlines from Fox News, including top stories, business, and sports news. Also offers Fox News television schedules, radio schedules, commentary, and opinion.
  • Wall Street Journal
    Covers international business and finance news. Paid subscription required for some content.
  • Los Angeles Times
    Online edition of the Los Angeles Times, offering daily local, state, national, and world news, as well as sports, entertainment, business, and travel coverage. Also includes L.A. jobs, real estate, cars, and shopping.
  • Wired News
    Covering business, technology, culture, and politics of the digital world.
    Breaking news from MSNBC's online news portal, including world, national, business, sports, and entertainment news, as well as information about MSNBC television news.
  • Financial Times
    Provides analysis of financial markets, industries, and companies.
  • National Weather Service (NWS)
    The National Weather Service provides current official weather warnings, observations, and forecasts across the United States.
  • Bloomberg
    Providing stock market data, analytics, and financial news to the world. Includes charts and analyses, media, and news and commentary.